25th April 2019 was a very auspicious day for all of us here in Kathmandu and for the Didi Foundation

  • It was 4 years, to the day, since the tragic Nepalese earthquake of 2015
  • It was Anzac Day, a special time for commemoration
  • AND it was the opening of our new Didi Foundation HQ, which is a symbol of hope, growth, equality and empowerment through education.

The Australian Ambassador to Nepal, His Excellency Pete Budd and his wife Emma Stone attended the lavish ceremony and he unveiled the inauguration stone of the new Didi Headquarters. The ceremony was attended by:

  • Municipality Mayor Krishna Hari Thapa, who was acknowledged for his continued support. He was joined by other senior local government ministers and dignitaries
  • 18 Australian guests joined us in Mulpani Kathmandu for the grand opening
  • Over 250 women gathered to celebrate the opening and hung on to every word that spoke of their opportunities for empowerment.

The 25th April will always be a significant day in the growth of the Didi Foundation and congratulations must go to the Didi Nepal team for their effort in creating such a celebratory day.

Regardless of race, colour or caste we are CREATING A FUTURE AND CHANGING A DESTINY for hundreds of women in Nepal.

See more photos of the event: Grand Opening of new Didi HQ
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