Australian Board

President-Secretary Jan Pryor-Founder

Works tirelessly to build, develop and promote The Didi Foundation in Australia and Nepal.  She works for the Board of Education NSW as a Visual Arts high school teacher and is a proud and  active member of Northlakes Toukley Rotary Club.She is currently Rotary Australia World Community Service  (RAWCS) Chair for District 9685 and this position entails overseeing 62 International projects. Jan has visited Nepal at least twice a year since 2011 in order to oversee projects and has an in depth understanding of Nepali culture and societies that is relevant to the districts we work in. She is passionate in providing life-skills programs  to underprivileged women and children.

Vice President Linda Alcorn works for the Board of Education, NSW as a Visual Arts high school teacher. Linda brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our board due to her invaluable humanitarian work. This includes her 30 years’ experience working as a volunteer with World Vision and  volunteering with a variety of NGO’s in  many countries including Peru, Thailand and Cambodia. She is also a supporter of many local community charities. She was one of the first sponsors of Bright Future Learning Centre and has visited numerous times to oversee the management of the home and Didi Headquarters.               
Treasurer Linda Rayson  works for the NSW Education Department as a Learning Support Officer and supports students to reach their maximum potential in education. She has a clear and articulate mind and is our board leader on accounts and funding allocations. Linda has been to Nepal a couple of times to oversee projects and has a passion for trekking. She was half a day from Everest during the earthquake and returned immediately to Bright Future Learning Centre to implement emergency management and to also support the staff at Didi Headquarters. She is passionate about building communities who suffer hardship
Jacky Deary Works as
Misty Pryor With a Bachelor of Education and certified TESL teacher she has worked in diverse range of fields including: working with refugees in remote locations and working with disabled and foreign students in both Australia and China. She was one of the co-founders of Bright Future Children’s home and is passionate about developing programs to assist women and children in succeeding in life. She has been to Nepal many times.
Kathy Walker Formerly a teacher who now works within the NSW Health Dept as part of a medical team and also the Department of Education  as a medical support person for students with severe disabilities. Kathy brings to the team a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding women’s health and education. She visited Nepal in 2017
Helena Goczol  Has a teaching degree and now works as a Quality  Improvement Co-ordinator at the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Helena brings an executive perspective to the committee with her articulate business mind with a focus on business management and standards. Helena was in Nepal at the birth of Didi Headquarters and was instrumental in developing of the vision and ethical standards.
The Didi Foundation meets once a month

Didi Foundation Nepal Board


Women’s Health Adviser

Laxmi Koirala

Laxmi holds an executive position with the Nepal Ministry of Health as a Regional Manager for District Health. She has been President of the Didi Foundation Nepal since its inception in 2013. She is responsible for managing all child and maternal health programs and oversees the well-being of Bright Future Learning Centre. Laxmi was crucial in the dispatching of Didi Foundation medical aid to remote communities immediately post-earthquake
Secretary Sudip koirala

As secretary of Didi Foundation Nepal. Sudip has completed his master in Business Administration in Global Leadership and Management.  He is currently the youngest Rotarian in Nepal and is secretary of his club. He was the major inspiration and founder of Didi Foundation Nepal and works tirelessly to improve the well-being of underprivileged persons of Nepal and constantly sees a need and creates the vision to fulfill the need. He is the most valuable asset of The Didi Foundation Nepal and Australia.

Treasurer Deepak Acchani 

Is current Didi Foundation Nepal, Treasurer since inception and is a valued employee and volunteer at Didi Headquarters. He initially worked as

Didi Nepal’s computer teacher and increased attendance by 70%. He then became responsible for managing our Didi Aid teams in Nepal and was a valued tour manager with exceptional skills in public relations.



Jyoiti Dahl

Jyoiti Dahl’s is a paid employee who manages Didi Headquarters. Her role include: promoting Didi Nepal courses, interviewing and selecting candidates as per the aims and objectives of Didi Nepal. She oversees all classes and management of classes. This includes in-house classes and  out-reach government funded programs implemented by Didi Nepal.

Bimala Basynet House Manager

House Manager of Bright Future Learning Centre was employed through community recommendation and has been an absolute asset in the raising of the children at this home. She is responsible for the house management, nuturitional and educational care of the children. She is highly respected within the community for going above and beyond in providing a safe living environment for the children.

Gelu Sherpa Oversee of Bright Future Learning Centre Gelu’s volunteer position is to assists Bimala in supporting the children and reports to Didi Nepal on any concerns. Gelu in the past was a valued employee and remains highly respected for his humanitarian support of underprivileged children, his utmost integrity and compassionate understanding of the children. Didi Australia and Nepal hold him in the highest of esteem and respect.