2020 Didi’s Cooking School

2020 Didi’s Cooking School

Didi’s Cooking School

We’re creating a new cooking school on the second floor at Didi HQ’s which is in partnership with an Australian Government AusAid Grant.

The cooking school is to be constructed on the 2nd floor of the new DIDI Headquarters in Mulpani, Kathmandu Nepal and will:

  • provide employment opportunities for graduating marginalised and deaf students
  • provide opportunities for disadvantaged women and single mums to learn culinary skills (we now have the creche to support young mums)
  • provide workplace training opportunities
  • provide employment opportunities
  • be income generating for Didi Nepal
    (we already have orders for hundreds of cupcakes)

I am sure you will agree that partnering with the Australian Government and flying the Australian logo will empower Didi Foundation to move forward in 2019-20. It will support our aims to provide vocational life skills programs and to encourage the development of independent and sustainable futures for more women.


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