History– Chronological Order

2011 The opening of Bright Future Learning Centre
2012 Registered The Didi Foundation Inc as a registered charity in Australia.

Opened our first sewing room with four sewing machines

2013 Registered ‘Didi Foundation Nepal as a Non-Profit Government Charity in Nepal

Commenced the manufacture of ‘Days for Girls’ re-usable sanitary kits.

Expanded sewing school to include 10 sewing machines

2014 Implemented a women’s Reproductive Health education program in order for women to learn about their bodies

Delivered Women’s  reproductive Health education to 856 women

Ran free medical  clinics for 350 women offering free health checks and free basic medicines

Provided Prolapse Education with Stage 1 replacement and replacement

Commenced volunteer program for friends of Didi to support vocational programs

Installed Solar panels in Bright Future Learning Centre (BFLC), Didi Headquarters and Deaf Boarding School. This will ensure there is electricity 24 hours a day so that education can continue

Commenced sponsor ship  with goods in kind to:

  • Boarding  Deaf School
  • Orphanage in Pokhara
  • Orphanage in Kathmandu
2015 Didi Foundation Nepal Headquarters was established to house all projects in one space.

Didi Headquarters runs vocational training courses  in:

  • Sewing skills for beginners
  • Empowering women through Literacy and Numeracy
  • Computer lab for IT Training enabling women to seek employment

Graduate sewers program which manufactures ‘Days for Girls Sanitary kits’

Development of a library

A Women’s Co-operative was established for graduates to manufacture products for sale
Didi Foundation Nepal worked in conjunction with the Nepalese government to run:

  • Traditional Weaving course. Two women being selected for a 2 month scholarship in India
  • Workplace preparation course

100 women a day attending Didi Headquarters

2015 Re-Build Nepal:

Post Earthquake

  • Immediate aid of  food,  shelter and health services
  • Delivered iron for homes and school roofs
  • Instilled two septic toilets in a devastated village
  • Free sanitary kits for women
  • Warm clothing
  • Medical teams sent to displaced earthquake victims
2016 75 women a day attending Didi Headquarters ( space could not cope with 100)

Built a school in the Ramechhap District

Didi Foundation Nepal worked in conjunction with the Nepalese government to run:

  • Basic Beauticians course -15 enrolments
  • Women’s Empowerment course – 55 enrolments