We did it!

We are really excited that the Didi Building Appeal target of $30,000 has been reached and Stage 1 of the project is nearing completion.

Our Didi team would really like to thank every person, club and group who donated to this project. Your generosity will empower so many highly disadvantaged women and give them an opportunity to succeed.

This project would not have come in on budget and on time if it was not for our awesome Nepali team who have worked tirelessly and been there to count every brick and every item on delivery. Thanks go to Sudip Koirala and Jagdish Koirala, and a special thank you to the girls in our team, Jyoti Dhal and Laxmi Koirala, who make it all possible.

The internal fitting of the building has commenced and courses will begin in the new centre in late October. The new Didi Vocational Centre has been officially registered and this will now entitle us to undertake government funded certificate courses. The official opening will be held on 25th April 2019.

Stay tuned for Stage 2 when we take the next step forward and construct the top floor and will need to raise another AUD $30,000.

We are so honoured to have such wonderful and dedicated supporters who believe in THE DIDI FOUNDATION.