This Outreach Program is a  major project for the DIDI FOUNDATION – Sunarpani/Ramechhap

Through generous Australia donors, the Didi Foundation Aust/Nepal, re-built this severly damaged and condemned school affected by the earthquake. The school in the Ramechhap district is in a very disadvantaged community where the majority of homes were destroyed due to the earthquake in 2015.

  • This school caters for 110 primary school children
  • The community was made up of the ‘Untouchable Caste’
  • The village is made up of subsistent farmers who can only grow two months  food
  • This community did not received any national or international aid
  • The village consists of around 86 families who have lost their home due to earthquake

Didi Australia and Nepal worked within the Government guide lines and successfully
re-built the school and has offered and given on- going support to the educational
needs of the school and the mothers of the community.

The school now has:

  • renovated class rooms and functioning school
  • a computer lab and computer teacher
  • educational materials for two years
  • Re-furbished kindergarten room with all possible resources
  • School back packs for all students.
  • Mothers of these children have been given ‘special care packages’ on every visit

Didi Australia /Nepal, looks forward to continued with the support of this school and community.


The 2015 earthquake which devastated Nepal also impacted on our young charity. On that day our focus, responsibilities and accountability changed. Our baby charity became an adult overnight. The financial generosity of our supporters and their desire to help Nepal overwhelmed us. In the first initial weeks our  Didi Nepal team went above and beyond in delivering aid and although suffering their own personal grief and hardships, worked tirelessly assisting communities and villages.
There immediate aid to remote areas included:

  • Food Donations
  • Tarpaulins
  • Iron
  • Medical clinics with free medicines
  • Supplied Re-usable Sanitary Kits for women and young ladies



The Didi Foundation, through generous donors has continued supporting persons suffering hardship by:

  • Building a temporary iron homes for a displaced village
  • Implementing a clean water and sanitation program for that community
  • Supplied a roof for a school
  • Carried out medical clinics in tent cities in Kathmandu
  • Care packages to women and children in tent cities
  • Delivery of Re-usable Sanitary Kits for women and young ladies
  • Winter blankets to cold regions
  • Re-built a school in Ramechhap


Join us and help create better futures.
100% of your donations go towards creating and developing sustainable futures in Nepal.