Nepal Bright Future Learning Centre is situated in Kathmandu Valley. The centre occupies the ground floor of a modern house and is one block from a school that provides quality education. Didi Foundation manages BFLC and Bimala Basnet oversees the daily running of the home and ensures the well-being of those attending the centre.

From very humble beginnings, the centre is now a hive of activity full teenage laughter and antics together with them having serious approach to learning and life skills training.

This has all been possible due to the wonderful generosity of supporters. Because of our sponsors, the centre enjoy the luxuries of purified drinking water, hot water, nutritious food, TV and modern appliances together with some technologies that assist in learning.

Although the children that attend this centre came from very impoverished and difficult backgrounds, we are so proud of their concerted effort and desire to succeed through education and extra curricula activities such as dance and sport. We feel assured that they now face the future as a self-confident young adults who are highly educated and empowered to make the best possible decisions that will ensure their success in life.

The teenage years are upon us

As those who were once children and now young adults, your support and sponsorship is really appreciated and essential in assisting us fulfil, what we consider, is their right to be safe and secure children and teenagers. Each year the running costs of the home increase and with the drop in the Australian dollar, we need you more than ever to help give these kids a quality life and dreams for the future.

“I have been a sponsor of Bright Future Learning Centre since its inception and I have gained so much joy in watching these children grow from little undernourished and sick babies into healthy and confident teenagers. I have visited three times and feel very much a part of their lives and know they now have a right to success”. Linda Alcorn

Bright Future Learning Centre is supported by Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) and offer TAX DEDUCTIBLE receipts. 100% of your dollar donated goes to the management of Bright Future Learning Centre in Nepal which covers the cost of the house manager, rent of the premises together with general living costs and most importantly education.


100% of your donations go towards creating and developing sustainable futures in Nepal.

$ 30.00 a month  /  $180.00 6 months

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